Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Celebratory Dinner for Team Thompson

Phil and I went out to celebrate two things!!!

#1 Team Mills has been elected into the Morrow County Clerk of Courts.

For both Phil and I our #1 supporters have always been our mothers. Both of us are very proud and thankful to have such strong, open-minded and well balanced mommies. Today we say Congrats to Vanessa for her unexpected and well received seat as The Clerk of Courts for Morrow County! Give 'em hell bull dog!

#2 Change in the great Country we call our home away from home. Congrats to Barack Obama! We hope you are everything you stood for during the election.

Team Thompson went to a local esstabilshement that is older than the US. Here's some pics... please enjoy! Bierhalle Kropf

That's one big gun... not sure who or what the need that for?!?!